Happy Patients

“Dr Gerig & Kari are outstanding . Dealing with chronic pelvic floor pain requires many different modalities. Dr Gerig is open to trying many different treatments. The most important thing that I have learned is that there is no instant fix & I may have to learn what a new normal is. I appreciate their encouragement & their caring attitude. They are the “best” & could be for others, but remember it’s a process that may require time.”


“I cannot praise Dr. Gerig and her team ENOUGH! I had been treated by doctors at the University of Michigan, Houston and Phoenix hospitals, and Dr. Gerig offered REAL solutions!! She is a master physician, and really cares about her patients. I highly recommend her!!”


“Dr. Gerig is AMAZING. I have been to so many doctors, had so many diagnostic procedures and a top orthopedic surgeon even suggested a coccygectomy. No thank you! My pain management doctor recommended physical therapy and the therapist basically diagnosed me. The pain management doctor referred me to Dr Gerig and she knew right away what was wrong with me. I love her and I would recommend her to anyone suffering from pelvic issues. I have a long road ahead of me but at least I’m on the right path this time. Thank you Dr. Gerig and Kari Reynolds for always listening and the hug at the end of the visit… is just what the doctor ordered!”


“Dr. Gerig was wonderful after having prostatectomy done a month later I develop severe pelvic pain which the Surgeon told me it was part of the healing process from the surgery . After dealing with that severe pain for two months they finally referred me to a physical therapist and then I was referred to the Pelvic Solutions center .They were a real lifesaver for me I got my life back .Dr Gerig is my hero !”


“Dr. Gerig diagnosed my Pudendal Neuralgia and both she and Kari have been amazing at helping me manage it.”


“You will be in good hands here with this talented team!”


“Dr. Gerig is the best! She not once ever doubted my pain!”


“I’m always so encouraged that I will heal and feel better after seeing Dr. Gerig and Kari, NP. I couldn’t have been placed in better care anywhere else!”